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Sidewalk, Greenways & Pedestrian Safety Committee Meeting Notes


Sidewalks, Greenways & Pedestrian Safety Committee Meeting
July 6, 2022


Sarah Hess, Woody Kloesel, Deborah Francis, Susan Michael, Jim Brunner, Chris Pelly
Unable to attend

Phil Trunnell, Meghan Quinn, Sorrel June, Jack Murphy, Anne Desotelle

Chris chaired the meeting and reviewed the message from Traffic Engineer Chris Cairns on the status of additional signage and lowered speed limits for lower Beverly Rd. Signage changes coming soon and speed limit change coming before City Council July 26th.

Discussion next on proposed Share the Road Sunday idea for Old Haw Creek Rd. As the community has expressed desire for sidewalks on New Haw Creek and Old Haw Creek roads, and as current improvements have taken decades, the idea of instead starting a community conversation about a limited test and closing one lane of Old Haw Creek Rd–Share the Road Sunday–was discussed.

Much conversation about the importance, given the significance of the proposed change, that this proposal requires broad community outreach and education as well as actively listening to community feedback. This might require literal door-to-door visitation of residents, especially along Old Haw Creek Rd, to answer questions and seek support. Our initial goal is to make the case this might be a reasonable alternative to the fact Old Haw Creek Rd likely will never have sidewalks.

Among the actions agreed upon to begin this process:

  1. Sarah will work with a graphic designer to make the current text more engaging and suitable for public distribution

  2. Chris to share proposal with Ken Putnam and Chris Cairns with the CoA Transportation Dept. to ask they consider the idea and offer suggestions for strengthening the proposal.

  3. This committee unanimously endorsed the ‘Share the Road Sunday’ proposal allowing it to be brought to the full board of directors at the 7/20/22 meeting.

  4. Creation of a list of community partners with whom we will want to consult as the idea advances. Among those are; The Fire Dept, Asheville Transit, Haw Creek Elementary School and Evergreen Community Charter School among others.

  5. Potentially speaking in the public comment section of City Council meetings to help build support at City Hall.

Next meeting date undetermined.

Chris Pelly, Chair
Sidewalks, Greenways & Pedestrian Safety Committee of HCCA

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