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About HCCA

Mission and Goals

Engaging and mobilizing resources to enrich lives, protect our natural beauty and promote safety throughout the Haw Creek Valley in Asheville, NC.

HCCA is working to:

  • Improve environmental conditions affecting Haw Creek,
  • Maintain the beauty of our neighborhood,
  • Provide opportunities for community connections,
  • Enhance park conditions,
  • Collaborate with city officials on key issues, and
  • Promote safety for all residents of Haw Creek Valley.


HCCA has been the force behind many accomplishments such as:

Haw Creek Park – Six-acre park with paved and unpaved trails, gazebo, picnic shelter and historical markers describing the history of Haw Creek. Located at the intersection of Beverly and Avon Roads.

Masters Park – Nine-acre park on Maple Drive with a trail connecting Haw Creek to the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. Over 210 different wildflowers have been observed growing along this hiking trail.

Sidewalks – New sidewalks on New Haw Creek Road, Trinity Chapel Road, Avon Road and Tunnel Road.

Building Community

Founded in 1984, the Association provides a voice for residents on growth and development issues. HCCA members believe the destiny of our community is best determined by active citizen participation. 

Recognizing continued growth is likely, HCCA members work to balance this development with civic improvements such as parks, sidewalks, greenways and preservation of open spaces. 

We also work to build community cohesiveness with social events to bring neighbors together.

The role of the Association will become even more important as the challenges facing Haw Creek, and the greater Asheville area, will likely increase in the coming years.

HCCA is a member of the Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods

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