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What Goes in the Blue Recycling Bin?

11/01/2022 10:00 PM | Anonymous

Many of us try hard to maximize the stuff we recycle but it continues to be a challenge to decide what’s “really” recyclable. Just because an item has the recycling logo (the little triangle) on the bottom, doesn’t mean that it’s accepted by Curbie ( – the company that Asheville uses for recycling services. So, we did a little research to help clarify things for Haw Creek residents.

The standard materials that are acceptable include:

  • Metal cans
  • Plastic containers: milk jugs, juice containers, food containers, etc.
  • Glass bottles: clear, brown, and green
  • Mixed paper
  • Corrugated cardboard

What they don’t take are:

  • Plastic bags
  • Aluminum foil
  • Black microwavable trays
  • Plastic film (bubble and plastic wrap)
  • Styrofoam/packing peanuts
  • Dishes or window glass

So what can you do to keep these other materials out of the land fill? Here are some good options:

  • Plastic bags and wrap (grocery bag, bread sleeves, TP covering, etc) - most grocery stores, notably Ingles
  • Bubble wrap/packing air pillows - UPS (any location)
  • Black microwaveable trays - Publix on Hendersonville
  • Styrofoam/packing peanuts - Publix
  • Dishes - donate them or Asheville Transfer Station if broken
  • Motor oil bottles (empty) - Advance Auto or AutoZone
  • Metal items that are not cans - Biltmore Iron & Metal
  • Mirror and window glass - Habitat for Humanity REStore

For other items, check out the GreenWorks ( Hard 2 Recycle events that are held quarterly. Hard 2 Recycle brings together many specialty recycling services in one place to handle an impressive breadth of your household waste including electronics, phones, computers, and Styrofoam. The next date is September 17th at Blue Ridge Community College in Flat Rock.

Keep up the recycling efforts and let’s keep the Haw Creek community clean and green!

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