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Compost Bins in Haw Creek Now Open to the Public

05/31/2023 5:46 PM | Christina Maggi (Administrator)

Two easy-to-use composting bins have been installed at the East Asheville Public Library. It’s easy to register online using this registration link and once you’ve registered you will receive the padlock code and be able to drop off your kitchen food scraps at any time. You can also pick up a free countertop composting bin at the library desk, while supplies last. 

Our increased bear population has influenced many of us to give up backyard composting. Having a bear-secure composting station in our neighborhood makes it easy to keep kitchen waste out of our landfill where it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, turning it into rich compost instead (aka "black gold").

The bin shelters are located near the basketball court and consist of two small top-lift sheds that contain two bins each. It’s easy to use: 1) unlock the padlock with the code you get when you register, 2) lift the wooden lid and dump your food scraps in the green bins, and 3) close the lid, lock the padlock, and scramble the passcode.

To learn more about the Asheville City and Buncombe County Food Scrap Drop Off Pilot Program check out the City of Asheville website.

HCCA supports this opportunity to save landfill space, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to high quality compost production. We encourage you to participate and help spread the word!

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