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767 NHC: Community Cohesiveness Pays Off

06/05/2024 7:55 PM | Christina Maggi (Administrator)

The eight-month community campaign opposing the original 767 development plan is making an impact. The latest revised design finally reflects broad-based support for tree preservation and fewer homes. Although far from ideal, this negotiated proposal addresses many of the concerns heard from Haw Creek residents. 

The proposed subdivision entrance via Alpine Court in Happy Valley is gone. The bridge through the wetlands is gone. The proposed retaining walls, up to 15’ high and facing New Haw Creek Road, are gone. The number of homes on the east side is reduced from 60 to 49. And 4.3 acres of forest canopy is preserved on the east end. Pedestrian improvements, including the greenway and connecting sidewalks, are still included.

Ongoing negotiations enabled this progress. Participants in the most recent May 30 meeting were 767 developer Kevin Jackson and his team, senior city leaders, including Mayor Manheimer, Council members Antanette Mosley and Sage Turner, and Haw Creek Community Association leaders. 

Another outcome was the decision to delay City Council action from June 11 to July 23. The postponement will allow time to reach a final agreement. 

On Friday, June 14, HCCA will host a drop-in session at the East Asheville Library from 6-8 p.m., during which the recent and most promising 767 New Haw Creek development option will be reviewed and discussed.

Previous iterations are here: Read the developer’s response to the key improvements HCCA outlined and review the various design options, along with the most recent (page 5), shown below.

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