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Masters Park Wildflowers

Over 200 different wildflowers are pictured here, growing along the hiking trail in the 9-acre Masters Park (off Maple Drive) and along the short, connecting section of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail that leads to the Haw Creek overlook rock. These numerous flowering plants have been observed and identified by long-time Haw Creek resident and Blue Ridge Naturalist Bernard Arghiere.

The wildflower images in this gallery were taken by Bernard using his iPhone camera and are, for the most part, arranged in the order of their bloom season — spring, summer, and then fall. For a complete list of the different wildflower species found along this route click or tap here.

Hover over an image to see a caption with the flower’s name, click to see a larger image.
An asterisk (*) after a flower’s name indicates a non-native species.

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